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     1. As a host, do I need to pay for my guests' medical bills?

You don’t have to cover any medical expenses for Ukrainian families unless you would like to.

     2. As a Ukrainian, when will I be able to get a health card?

The Government Medical Insurance Plan will provide medical coverage for Ukrainians coming to Canada. To receive this, you must provide proof of legal status (ei. work permit, CUAET visa), provide a piece photo idea (passport), and a letter from IRCC (contact local a local settlement agency on how to receive this letter).

     3. Can I get a work permit right away?

Yes. In the CUAET application, you need to check yes to the question asking if you are willing to work in Canada. By doing so, you are able to get your Open Work Permit along with the travel authorization. If you have a regular tourist visa, you can apply for a work permit once at the first point of entry in Canada (ei. the first Canadian airport you land at). If you are already in Canada, you can apply for a work permit along with CUAET as well.

     4. How long does it take to get a visa after it's submitted?

According to the Government of Canada website (Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada), it takes up to 14 days to process your application for CUAET. At the moment, there is no point in applying for a regular tourist visa as it has much fewer benefits for Ukrainian citizens than CUAET. Furthermore, due to processing overload, wait times are extending to unpredictable lengths.

     5. Will you pay for the flights?

If you cannot afford the airfare, we will cover it, as well as the additional airfare for your pets as long as our organization has the funds to do so. If you are able to afford the flights, we encourage you to buy your own tickets, as you might take the opportunity from someone who cannot afford it.

     6. I already found a Ukrainian family to host; will you still help with airfare?

We will help with financing flights if you and your host family can’t afford the tickets on their own. We understand that overseas flights are expensive and we are ready to support you, should the need arise. However, the standard agreement that is mandatory for our organization must still be signed, even if we didn't match you.


     7. Will my Ukrainian kids be able to go to school?

If you have a valid work permit and your children are of school age, they can attend school for free. You can apply for a work permit along with your CUAET application (put a checkmark in the question about your willingness to work in Canada). You can also apply for a status change within Canada if you traveled here with a tourist visa.

     8. How long am I obligated to house my Ukrainian guests?

Upon the arrival of the Ukrainian family, you have to host them for a minimum of 90 days. Both parties will have to sign a legal agreement that protects both of them. Canadian side must provide Ukrainians with a place to live, food, and essential transportation (i.e. medical appointments, job interviews, etc.) for 90 days, and submit to a vulnerable sector police background check. The Ukrainian side must respect the rules and property of the family they are going to live with, put realistic effort into finding a job/ways to support themselves as well as leave by the time the agreement ends unless the host family and Ukrainian family decided otherwise.

     9. Am I allowed to resettle anywhere in Canada or just Ontario?

You can resettle anywhere you would like in Canada, as long as you have a place to go. We are going to assist you to resettle in any province, as long as we have a host family in our database that is located there. If we don't have somewhere to put you in your preferred area, we will look for the next best place for you. We will not, however, send you somewhere without a host to receive you.

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